Homelessness Statistics in Milton

  • Rates for apartments for rent in Milton start at $1,079 for a 1-bedroom unit
  • At slightly above 1%, Milton has one of the lowest vacancy rates in Ontario
  • 861 single clients were served and 159 families in homeless shelters accommodation

What our graduates say

“Milton Transitional Housing has given me a safe space to reacquaint myself with my strengths and the support to use them to deal with my problems. The support offered is allowing me to work on my goals (personal and professional) and deal with my challenges without being defined by them.”

“On behalf of Joey and I, we would like to thank Milton Transitional Housing for the tremendous support and ongoing assistance, in our journey going forward. Without your organisation, our struggles would have been unbearable.”

Milton Transitional Housing (MTH) is a http://cymbaltasupports.com community-based charity that provides bridge accommodation and support to people in Milton who are experiencing a housing crisis.

…from Hope to Home summarizes our belief that lives can be rebuilt with support and assistance from their community.

Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing is just one component of a continuum of support required by those affected by homelessness.

Transitional Housing is different than homeless shelters. Emergency shelters provide immediate accommodation for those who have nowhere to live for a few days or weeks. In Halton, the Lighthouse Shelter in Oakville or Halton Women’s Place offers emergency housing.

Emergency shelters are short-term with time limits of between 30 and 45 days’ duration, which is not enough to recover from the trauma of a housing crisis and be able to move on to independent housing.

Other providers, like Habitat for Humanity, take independent living to the next level beyond transitional housing with permanent homes.