The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016

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The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016 report is timely, credible and important.

Here we explore the SOHC2016 report, Ontario Provincial announcement to end homelessness and invite you to Housing Our Future – Community Forum on November 12.

Who is homeless

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“Ignoring homelessness is extraordinarily expensive, costing Canadians over $7 BILLION/year.”

“More and more communities are shifting from a crisis response to one that seeks to reduce the incidence of homelessness”

Addressing Homelessness in Canada

“The National Housing Strategy is a significant opportunity. We must do more than react. We must strategize, innovate and invest until we have prevented and ended homelessness. By doing so we will send a powerful message. No one should experience homelessness.”

The SOHC2016 report includes 8 specific recommendations below for the national housing strategy to end homelessness.

  • Recommendation #1: The Government of Canada should adopt a national goal of ending homelessness with clear and measurable outcomes, milestones and criteria
  • Recommendation #2: Renewal of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy (HPS)
  • Recommendation #3: A new federal/provincial/territorial framework agreement that defines local leadership on homelessness and housing investment
  • Recommendation #4: Targeted strategies to address the needs of priority populations
  • Recommendation #5: Retain and expand existing affordable housing stock
  • Recommendation #6: Implement a National Housing Benefit
  • Recommendation #7: Affordable housing tax credit
  • Recommendation #8: Review and expand investment in affordable housing for Indigenous Peoples

Building on the success of Housing First

Housing First can be considered a best practice in homelessness intervention says the COH #SOHC2016 research paper.

“Housing First does not simply mean putting people into housing and forgetting about them. It means providing people with housing AND support in an effort to enhance recovery, wellness, and community engagement.”

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Province Helping Families Stay in Their Homes

Ontario is partnering with the Halton Region to end homelessness. Halton is receiving over $5 million dollars for the fiscal years 2017-18 and 2018-19. This new funding will be invested through the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI). Read the announcement here.

“Halton Region is committed to ensuring access to safe, affordable, accessible housing, and by the end of this year, we will have created 1,323 new government assisted housing units in Halton since 2008,” said Gary Carr, Chair of Halton Region.

“Without funding support from our government partners, we could not achieve our housing targets. I want to thank the Ontario Government for providing enhancements to the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative which boosts our efforts to provide important housing support and opportunities to Halton residents. Housing is a joint responsibility that must be delivered with a long-term commitment from all levels of government.”

Housing Our Future – Community Forum

MTH is hosting a FREE forum that will address how a housing crisis affects an individual, a family and the greater community.

The forum features two keynote speakers

  • John Gregory – a brief history of MTH’s start
  • Sherrie Rain – her poignant lived experience with a housing crisis

Also featured during the event will be a panel discussion from community agencies supporting those experiencing a housing crisis and a display of community booths.

The Housing Our Future – Community Forum takes place on Saturday, November 12. It starts at 2pm at the Milton Seniors’ Activity Centre, 500 Childs Drive, Milton.

Learn more on the Housing Our Future event page


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Colin Best explains the essence of transitional housing

Colin is MTH Director of Facilities. He relates the way in which transitional housing can provide people in crisis a solution so that they do not need to worry about where to sleep the next night.

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Featured image courtesy of Canadian Observatory on Homelessness. 
Reference – Stephen Gaetz, Erin Dej, Tim Richter, & Melanie Redman (2016): The State of Homelessness in Canada 2016. Toronto: Canadian Observatory on Homelessness Press.